Friday, 2 April 2010

Network Action

I am finding it fascinating - how networking might actually work.

My friends are gradually starting to set up ventures of their own, turning hobbies into businesses and businesses into passions, and apart from the pride I feel for them (for us, really, go go 30 somethings!!), I am finding the first-hand experience of networking in fact incredibly interesting. Very "IN" indeed!!

I look forward to capitalise on those connections and eventually connect two of them may be. And not for the commission. I mean - how cool would it be to put in touch two of your friends who may not necessarily know each other but who might, through you, establish a common ground professionally and possibly one be happy with the service and the other - all the richer for it. That'll be wicked!!

And my web is stretching to all spheres of life. I can practically provide you with the complete experience. Cosa Nostra, eat my shortssss!!!

I now have:

A Chartered Accountant who set up a recruitment agency and whose ambitious recruitment event is on 11th May
An IT consultant whose rock band is about to have their 3rd gig in as many months
A Marketeer who has decided to go it alone across the pond -

I know where to send you for:

Help with relocation to beautiful Bulgaria
Or for your house or loft extention plans
Or the execution of the interior work- LinkedIn: D end M ingenering
Or the beautiful art to decorate your walls or
Or your garden landscape features
Or the fine french lingerie for girlfriend or self (as the case may be) eeeeeeee tam @ Etam
Or the fine wine for before the fine french lingerie is taken off
Or the visas for your holiday

I can find you someone to organise your teambuilding event; cleanse your face; build a car; write a book; publish a book; look after kids; clean your house; teach you to skateboard; look after your garden; facilitate a training event; translate; fix a laptop; fix your broken limb; fix the electrics ........... Seriously. I think I can do it all. Not to mention that my reach spans 3 countries. That's some international might I have, right?!

Plus I just feel elated and proud for the people with the ideas and the assertiveness, who are risking it and making it. These are my people!!!!!

And hats off to you all - I find you inspirational


  1. what about my translation business? I am indignant =(

  2. Dude, you don't talk about it so one forgets it exists. You would most certainly have been included if only my brain storm had caught
    There! It is here for the record now.
    But trust me - you were part of the last two sencences.