Tuesday, 23 March 2010

#1) The Beginning

Yey! I've made the start.

It is the beginning of a road I only sometimes think about. It seems indulgent to do it more and to do it seriously.

But the end of some things (like today's last Accounting lecture for this year) opened the space for others.

And I have made the start now.

It feels bloody good. And exciting.

It would have been good if I made the start yesterday - 22 March and first day of Spring. It would have felt like a higher sign of some sort. Slightly less glorious on 23 March. But still Spring. And sun. And big earings. And the buzz of a beginning. I mean - come on! I've even set up a blog (not that it was rocket science or anything).

The prospect of countless spelling mistakes. But not creative ones - surely.

No real tangible objective(s) in mind.

Just the flow that I will give myself to for self indulgent pleasure. In the hope that sometimes others will enjoy that too.

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