Friday, 14 May 2010

Will I?

Burning desire to be the first in formulating something .
Could I rise to the challenge of being the ultimate innovator? A creator? The one which is then copied and followed?
Do I have it in me?
Is the Gennie on the wall on my side?
Would it come down one day and help me write something that captures imagination and thoughts beyond my circle of friends?
I don't even have an idea about an idea which to write about.
So can I know that the idea will emerge over time, if I stick with the burning desire for it?
I've got no choice but to believe so.
Can you imagine though the sourness of the disappointment of the failure if I never do?
Will the weight of all the other short term on-the-go achievements of various descriptions be enought to outweight the one that's missing?
Am Destiny's child, ei?
It's all out of my hands, until one day it may be flows through them. I hope.
Or the whole world will laugh at me.

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