Friday, 16 July 2010


Define loss.
Losing at 78 games of chess. Not too big a deal since I went into them knowing I will lose but still played because it's fun. Would be good to develop the mental capacity to win at least one though.
Losing virginity. Surely, got to be grateful for that one. I mean - a spinster at 52 really is a dark dark prospect that I wish on no one.
Losing weight. Now then. Pretty awesome, especially if you have spent the last few years playing "The whale". No even funny. But explains the disproportionate spend on red dresses.
Losing your keys. A real small fucker, especially if you need the toilet.
Losing track of time. Easily done. Usually through doing something nice so a loss-win situation. Happens a lot on Facebook I find.
Losing the boy to someone else. Purely due to the order of events. And despite of having all things going for it. That's a really hard one. It turns out - even years later.
Losing my mind. Metaphorically speaking.
Losing hair. Expensive. Whichever way you go about it or about concealing it.
Losing face. More acceptable at dark.
Losing my dog to a hit and run car and holding it while it dies. Heartbreakingly painful. The worst of the losses. Undescribably so.
Lost in translation - countless times.
The consolation - that when you lose, you also win. Am at a loss to define what and how.

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  1. Another good entry Eli! Well done. I am now looking forward to you posting in your Diary.
    With my very best wishes, Tzveta