Thursday, 22 July 2010

Of Mortgages and Men

I am beginning to supsect that the word Mortgage has a vicious definition completely omitted from any contract's small print.

Which I am not sure whether I should be angered about or what.

A derivative of "mortus" ("death) and "gag" ("a restraint device to stop the subject from calling for help") it is far more sinister than many suspect.

In other words - you get a mortgage, and you are dead meat, buddy!

From that point onwards you will no longer have the freedom to change jobs because you totally hate what you currently do and want to try this crazy idea you've been having for a loooong looong time but which is all a bit too risky. Becuase you have a mortgage.
From that point onwards you will no longer consider a round the world trip of discovery and amazement and doing nothing much but meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Because you have a mortgage.
From this point onwards you will no longer splash out on totally random totally unnecessary things which give you pleasure just because. Because you have a mortgage.

And it's not that you REALLY can't. Of course you can! But you don't. Because what you perceive as the restraint is in actual fact stopping you from considering the possibilities, let alone their execution.

Because I have a mortgage.
I hear it all too often uttered as explanation by friends who I care about.
And I hear it all too often in my head when I can actually hear my own thoughts.
You've got to watch out fot that one.

It would have been a completely different ball game if they had called it Zoimike or something from "zoi" ("life) and "mike" (an amplifier device to help the subject project sounds of happiness).

Damn, why doesn't anyone put me in charge of words selection?? I'll do a better job.

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